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Buying in Koh Samui

With Thailand developing rapidly, it is on track to set the new standard for medical care in Asia.

Furthermore, buyers come to us for a second home, a business, villa rentals income, to invest in land plots for project development or for a simple re-sale after enjoying the property for a few years.

The first step would be to come join us in our office. 

Our team will help you narrow down your needs and provide you with handy information, especially if it is your first time investing in Asia.

The length of a transaction will vary depending on the type of ownership, but our standing reservation agreement sets a 90 day term for transactions.

Ultimately, any specific time frame can be agreed to between all parties.

It comes back to working with the right people. We provide a wide variety of referrals and services for our costumers. 

We assist our costumers with visas, opening bank account, legal advising and more.

This kind of agreement can be taken between the involved parties prior to the sale, but a deposit will need to be taken for this agreement to be possible. 

Furthermore, special terms will need to be defined so that we may protect the involved parties.

There are pros and cons to both sides.

An existing house offers the advantage of being marked by time. We are able to track down a house’s flaws and propose corresponding solutions. These problems, if any, can also be negotiated at the time of purchase with the seller.

An off-plan house will be brand new. You may also get the choice of design and materials. 
The quality, price, and warranty of construction will vary depending on the builder. Though, potential flaws of construction usually reveal themselves within a year.

Selling in Koh Samui

It comes back to working with the right people. We provide a wide variety of referrals for our costumers.

Let our agent valuate the property. They will do their best to pinpoint the correct price and match your needs.

This kind of agreement can be taken between the seller and the tenant prior to a sale.

A clause in the rental agreement will be needed in case of a sale stating a delay between 1 to 3 months for the tenant to move out.

If you need any assistance regarding a rental contract, come see us in our office. We will be able to help you in redacting those terms or guide you towards an honest and competent lawyer.

Cleaning and maintaining a house or business will greatly improve its attractiveness and longevity. This is especially important for visits with potential buyers.

When you are ready to sell, the simple act of repainting the interior and exterior can breathe new life back into a house or business.

Preventing animals from distracting the potential buyer by temporarily locking them in a room or going for a walk during the visit will greatly help.

Allow the broker to do his job, do not interfere with his work. A relationship of trust has been established between the broker and his potential buyer, and interrupting or being too close and too present during the visit may make the buyer uncomfortable or give the impression that you are too eager to sell.

In case of uncertainty or question, please contact us for an appointment.

Contact us by email, by phone number, on our facebook page or come see us directly in our office.

We will be able to schedule an appointment to visit your property, business or land.

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